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About Christina

Devoted to helping others and blessed with a deep understanding of the spiritual world, Christina has developed her natural abilities through dedicated study and practice. In a private and calm space, Christina utilizes her gifts as an Intuitive Counselor working with different modalities such as life coaching, soul retrieval, intuitive readings, mindfulness and psychic readings to help her clients align with their higher self and heal areas of their life. Christina focuses on emotional, physical, spiritual health, career, abundance and relationships.

Her ultimate goal is to inspire those around her to awaken to their true potential.

Working With Christina

Christina Prokos is a Certified Intuitive Counselor, Life Coach, Spiritual Healer and Intuitive. She uses her mentoring skills and tools to help motivate, inspire and help her clients achieve their authenticity.  She helps her clients achieve success in all areas of their lives from personal to business. Christina is experienced in working with individuals who suffer from anxiety and high levels of stress and emotional trauma. She creates a safe environment where her clients can express and trust in her. She teaches many different tools and techniques to help her clients reduce anxiety and stress and help develop self-confidence, self-worth and self-love in all areas of the mind, body, and soul.

Her clients find positive results and relief in their day to day tasks with the skills and tools to help improve their clarity, focus and grounding so that they are more harmonious and happier in their day to day lives.

Christina’s Certifications

  • Intuitive Counselor
  • Life Coaching
  • Spiritual Healer
  • Meditation for Anxiety, Stress Management and PTSD, Inner Child Trauma Visualization
  • Metaphysics ( Energy, Mediumship, Psychic, Angels)
  • Meditation, Yoga and Arasatma: breathing techniques of the ancients
  • Mindfulness Coach
  • Emotional Trauma Healer


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