What Is Psychic Tuesday?

Psychic Tuesday is a Q&A session offered every Tuesday via Instagram Live.

What Is Psychic Tuesday VIP Access?

Every Tuesday I hold an Instagram Live where I answer your submitted questions. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, however, I’m not able to answer all of the questions that come my way.

By subscribing monthly or annually to Psychic Tuesday you gain VIP access and I guarantee that your submitted questions get answered. Each subscriber gets 1 question answered weekly.

How Does It Work?

Once you register for an account below, you will create a username. When you submit your questions via Instagram, you will include that username with your question. That way I can prioritize your questions and ensure that they get answered. Feel free to include your full name with your questions as well.

Things To Note:

Subscriptions are reoccurring but can be paused or cancelled at any time.

Soul Thrive members gain free access to Psychic Tuesday. If you want more from your subscription, you can cancel and subscribe to Soul Thrive at any time.

You can participate for free each Tuesday, however, if you don’t have an active subscription, your question may not get answered.

** You will still need to follow the rules of sharing Psychic Tuesday’s post and tag Christina in it every Tuesday.**


There are currently two payment plans available:

Option 1: $5.00 Monthly + GST (charged at checkout)

Option 2: $60.00 Annually + GST (charged at checkout)

Prices are in CAD and exclusive of taxes. We accept all forms of payment, processed directly through Paypal.

Monthly Subscription
$5 / Month
Annual Subscription
$60 / Year

Once you register for Psychic Tuesday be sure to sign-up using the form below. This will ensure that your name gets added to the list.

Be sure to use your Instagram @ handle where it asks for your username below. This will ensure that you are tagged on IG when your question has been answered.

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