Upcoming Workshops

Integrating the Mindset with the Inner Child – Part 2

Diving deeper into our experiences and understanding our emotions helps us to shift our mindset. This workshop will work hand-in-hand with getting the mind on board with its emotional intelligence. Teaching to develop our own belief systems and values. Reframing the way we talk to our inner self and improving our overall mental and emotional stability. 

This is an 8 week workshop starting September 18, 2022 – Sundays 1-2:30pm.

$350, pls put your $50 deposit down to secure your spot. 

Class 1 – Understanding Our Minds 

Class 2 – Reframing Our Internal Dialogue 

Class 3 – Understanding Frequency

Class 4 – Shifting Our Outlook on Our Personal Limitations 

Class 5 – Interrupting Intrusive Thoughts 

Class 6 – Living Up to Our Promises and Inner Child Potential 

Class 7 – Understanding Our Truth and Trusting Ourselves 

Class 8 – Building Harmony Between the Mind and Our Emotions

If you are Soul Thrive member, PDF teachings will be included and mini workshops to help deepen the understanding of these teachings. Added support is offered.

Past Workshops

September 12, 2021 – 8 Weeks – 1-2:30 pm (Sundays) – Via ZOOM (online workshop).

All classes recorded. **Bonus material added for Soul Thrive Members.

$350 Full payment. NO REFUNDS.

Please email full payment to / PayPal


This workshop is about relationships and diving deeper into them. It is designed for individuals that want to evolve and continue evolving in learning the importance of healthy relationships. We will also focus on your personal relationship with self and self-love, as well as other relationships that surround you and how it extends in soulmate relationships.


This workshop includes guidance and teachings on:

  • The power of true self-esteem
  • Understanding toxic relationships
  • Healing from abusive relationships
  • Healing from impulsive/addictive behaviours
  • The laws of connection
  • What a healthy relationship feels like
  • Awakening love/Love Languages
  • Sex and sexuality with boundaries
  • Evolving in relationships
  • Maturity in relationships and the impact it creates in relationships

This workshop is about relationships and diving deeper into them. It is designed for individuals who want to evolve and continue evolving in learning the importance of healthy relationships. We will also focus on your personal relationship with self and self-love, as well as other relationships that surround you and how it extends in soul mate relationships.

This is an 8-week program.

Price: $350
RSVP $50 to

The classes will be held via Zoom (online workshop).
Starting Sunday, August 30th, 2020 – Oct 18th, 2020.
From: 1pm-230pm

This workshop will teach you:

•Addictions in relationships
•The void of loneliness
•Dysfunctional relationship patterns
•Conflict resolution
•Learning to understand the other’s perspective in order to evolve communication
•Unconditional love
•Self love
•Healthy relationship dynamics (needs, wants and creating)
•Breaking Influences from childhood parenting
•Learning when to let go, when to evolve or how to heal a current relationship.
•Soul mate relationships and their purpose
•Creating joy as an exchange in relationships

Manifesting Workshop

March 1st- April 26th, 2020. 1pm-230pm

8 week workshop

$50 rsvp
$300 remaining By Feb 28th.

This workshop is designed for the individual who is ready to understand that they have free will to create a life of abundance and fulfillment. You will be challenged to take a deeper look into your life, and understand why you are creating your current state of situations.

You will learn the true meaning and tools around a positive focus. This will also challenge your current belief systems around spiritual bypassing and what society today thinks is a positive focus.

You will start the class by learning your life purpose and blueprint. You will then be guided to understand your life choices and how it’s creating your path of experiences to learn out of your cycles. This is where you will be challenged to learn between repeating your lessons and moving forward.

You will also be taught about multiple timelines and how you can energetically shift them to better serve your future outcomes.

In general, if you want a better life, with more choices and actually see you are creating what you truly need, then join us Sunday, March 1st, 1 pm-230pm.

This is an 8-week workshop finishing April 26th.
No class Easter weekend.

RSVP $50 at
The remaining $300 is due Feb 28th.

Mirrors and Intuition

September 22nd – November 10th, 2019.

8-week workshop

In this workshop, we will develop a deep understanding of the laws of attraction and how your subconscious mirrors your relationships and reality.
We will explore the layers of dimensional truths and how intuition can create new perspectives and opportunities.

You will be taught the language of intuition, how to respond to individuals and how to understand your personal intuitive response. Each response can relate to your personal traumas or future timelines to further your healing and growth.

Intuition can help you understand your subconscious.
Developing your intuition will teach you to further trust in your choices, in yourself and help you work with the laws of attraction to create harmonious outcomes.

All levels of intuition are welcomed, even if you don’t know where to start. This is for you.

Please RSVP your spot here by sending a $50 deposit

Total of workshop $350.

Limited spots available

This is an 8 Week Workshop. Starting Saturday, June 15th, 2019.

How do you move forward when you are living in a state of resistance? How do you let go and find calm? How do you start living life with a purpose, without the need to hold on to comfort and routine? Did you know that living in a state of resistance keeps you in cycles and patterns?

Resistance is a state of living in complete tension, defence, fight or flight response and anxiety. Resistance creates obsessive thinking, and the need to control.

In this 8 week workshop we will be working on :

– Identifying what area you are living in a state of resistance in.
– Healing the emotional trauma associated with resistance
-Learning to Let go
-Clarity, understanding your obsessive thoughts.
-How to work through resistance and bad emotional lows.
-Working through control and emotional body tension.
-Working through defence mechanisms and the ego.
-How to heal Anger and Grief.
-How not to be responsible for other people’s situations and behaviours.
-How the Universe works when you are in a state of resistance and how it works when you are fully open.

The end objective of this workshop is to help educate you about Resistance and how it holds you back from living life in a more joyful experience. This will give you the tools and guidance so that you can move through your experiences with ease and start creating without the need to control or doubt yourself.

$350 RSVP non-refundable – deposit of $50 email transfer

The full address will be given once the deposit is put down.

Living Your Highest Potential

Join us in the countryside of South-West France and explore what your unlimited self feels like. Align with your purpose and highest potential. This spans more than just your career – it’s your life path. Discover innate gifts, bridging the gap between life skills to a sense of fulfilment, abundance and steady income. We will look at this aspect from the masculine perspective of “doing” and how to remove emotional blocks when it comes to executing on your dreams. From a spiritual standpoint, the masculine perspective has a strong emotional influence in your life, as it governs your purpose, finances, confidence and self-image.

We will explore the themes of value, self-love, the luxury of fluid manifesting and living out your dreams. This intensive retreat is for those who are serious about finding fulfilment and purpose, who are ready to step into their authenticity, personal power and flow. For those who are ready to face their shadow emotions, dive into their trauma and take responsibility for their actions. Join us if you are ready for a challenge of pushing through your limiting mindset and getting out of the state of resistance and feeling like you always have to “push through life”.

One of the main teachings on this retreat will be around what blocks financial flow and why you think you never have enough.

We will help you understand the cycles and patterns in your life, reoccurring traumas and themes – and how these are either blocking you from purpose or guiding you towards your purpose. This is also ideal for entrepreneurs or individuals who are ready to start a different career. Please note that after exploring all of this your perspectives will change. You will walk away with a sense of relief, clarity on your purpose and confidence to execute on it. Let go of the fear of other people’s opinions. You have the right to exist and thrive. As vibrational shifts occur and our reality is a mirror, expect rapid changes in your environment and circumstances.


*7 nights accommodation at Chateau Bardouly (double occupancy)

*All transfers from Bordeaux (airport or train station) to Chateau Bardouly

*3 healthy nutritious meals a day, made by a professionally trained French chef. Buffet breakfast, 2 course plated lunch, 3 course plated dinner. All meals are made farm to table, with vegan, vegetarian, gluten and dairy-free options available.

*Drinks all day: water, juices, herbal teas

*One 60min massage treatment

*Special wine tasting

*Visit to a local market

*Daily retreat workshops, teachings and meditations

Price: EUR 1,610


Please note payments must be made in Euros, or in your local currency, based on the Euro conversion rate at the time of payment.

* Supplementary activities such as hot air ballooning, kayaking, sightseeing, extra vineyard excursions can be arranged at an additional price.

Getting to Chateau de Bardouly

If you fly into Paris CDG airport, you can take a 2 hr picturesque train ride to Bordeaux. Otherwise, you can fly into Bordeaux airport. Your transfer from Bordeaux train station or airport to our retreat location is covered in the retreat price. Your airline/train tickets to Paris and/or Bordeaux are not included in the retreat price.

Join Christina Prokos on a journey to healing your inner subconscious traumas. Christina is an extrasensory intuitive. Allow this three-hour workshop to heal, inspire, shift your perspective on your emotions and subconscious traumas – Healing the Inner Child.

Christina will be your guide and she will help you navigate through your experiences and traumas giving you intuitive insight on aspects that you may not be aware of. Take the leap in diving deeper. This is an opportunity to place certain anxieties, feelings and thoughts from the subconscious to the conscious mind making way for relief and healing.

This workshop will include:

-Guided Meditation
-Group work
-Intuitive messages
-Inner child healing

This workshop is designed to create innate personal power, confidence, will-power and motivation. This is for the individual who is struggling with a sense of self and wants to develop a deeper faith in the Universe. Mediumship is bridging the gap between the physical and metaphysical. It is designed to help bring awareness to fear of the unknown. Developing your intuition and mediumship creates a solid foundation in trusting yourself, your guidance system and healing personal trauma.

8 weeks Oct 27th- Dec 15th 4-530pm
7 Sturton Rd

What you will learn:

• Communicating to departed loved one ( your loved ones are always around you and want to connect and heal with you)

• Third eye attuning and frequency upgrade (the third eye is the seed of intuition and perspectives, healing and attuning this frequency is key. You will learn foods to incorporate, drinks, crystals and meditations)

• Healing trauma associated with innate personal power ( there will be a focus on the divine masculine energy that helps build confidence and sense of self)

• Symbols and Clear detailed messages ( no matter what level you are in is important for accurate messages for yourself and for others, we will learn the appropriate language to use, better communication skills)

• How to make predictions for yourself and for possible outcomes ( you have more than one path and with one shift of awareness you could line up with a completely different outcome. You will learn how to make decisions based on healing trauma and opening doors for opportunities)

• Guides, Deceased loves ones and their purpose ( in detail you will learn the names of your guides, the reasons they work with you and how to work with them)

• Psychic protection tools ( understanding how jealousy, psychic attacks, attachments and auric holes can make you physically ill, intuition raises your frequency to be clear of this. You will learn protection tools)

• Your relationship with God ( developing a strong connection, trusting the process, faith and believing in yourself)

• Daily practice and homework

Cost: $400 (or two payments of $200)

To reserve your spot $50 deposit (non-refundable)
Please transfer at

The secret to being an Empowered Empath is healing the relationship with your mother. If you are a sensitive soul, a warrior of light, a person who truly wants to deepen your connection to the universe or have suffered with your relationship with your mother, then this is for you.

The power in embracing who you are comes from understanding how the relationship with you and mother created pain, separation and mistrust in how the universe can provide for your needs. It is time now, to fully heal and own your truth and to understand that life was never meant to be a struggle. You are very connected to source.

The relationship with your mother represents the relationship with the universe.

In this workshop we will learn:

– How to Heal our Shame and the Projections of your Mothers Shame
-How to Stop Attracting Energy Vampires and Narcissist
-How the vibration of True Unconditional Love feels like
-What is our personal power and owning it
-How to walk away from Abusive Cycles and Relationships
-Why we Self- Sabotage
-How you set limitations on yourself and how to Embrace True Happiness
-Finances and Creating Purpose
-Creating true Connection to the Universe
-Healing Guilt and Worry
-Healthy Self- Image and Self -Value
-Healing and understanding Perfectionism and OCD
-Listening to Your Intuition and Alignment
-How to develop a better outlook on parenting your children or inner child
-Spiritual Healing between Mom and Daughter the chapter of forgiveness

This is a 8 Week Workshop ( in person) $350

Please send a deposit of $50 to reserve your spot (non-refundable) to

Location: 58 Greenbrook Dr, York, ON M6M 2J9

Looking forward to helping you heal!

This is a beginner’s intuitive development workshop that helps individuals tune into their spiritual gifts, heightening their awareness and aligning them to deeper spiritual understanding. Everyone has innate spiritual intuitive gifts that need love and attention. There is nothing to fear and if you learn to connect with these gifts you not only heal your anxieties and fears but you help bring awareness and healing to everyone around yourself.

8 weeks Sunday, Jan 14th, 3-4 pm running until Sunday, March 4th
please send payment to:

15 spots ( no reserving spots without payment or partial payment)

No refunds.

The Program:

1. Chakras, Psychic Development and Symbols
2.Vibrations and Tuning In
3. Guides and The Spirit Realms
4. Understanding what type of innate Gifts and what type of intuitive you are.
5. Tapping into vibrations
6.Understanding mirror, neutral state and projections
7.Fear of the unknown and healing
8. Readings performed in a group, building your intuitive confidence

What does 2018 have in store for you?

Welcome to the year where you take action and control over your life themes, cycles and patterns. This is the year you will accomplish all you set out for. Let’s help you get the guidance you need so that you know when it would be best for you to create your ideas, what months you may need more rest, the best months for investments, when you’re romantic months are and so much more.

Every month we have experiences and every month we have a choice, work through our emotions or keep repeating our patterns. This personal intuitive reading is set up so you get a month to month understanding of your whole year 2018, with an action plan, so that you have the power to really create an amazing year and bring more healing into your life! Let’s see what’s in store for you!

Book your session with
Skype sessions are available.

Where does this reading take place? You will need to book a personal private session emailing Christina Prokos LIfe and Spiritual Coach

Appointments: 11:30am – 6:30pm Monday – Friday
Location: Toronto

What does this Session Include :

– Month to Month reading assessing all your months for the year of 2018
– Your personal Healing Theme for 2018
– What year life cycle you are in and the chakra that is taking action
– Why you may be attracting similar patterns
– Working through any emotional blocks that the months have in store
– Future outcomes that are in alignment to better outcomes
– Giving back your personal power to have better experiences instead of suffering and struggles.
– The best months for Romance, Marriage, Pregnancies, Productivity, Money, Investments and more.
– 15 min Healing of the Heart to activate and receive more abundance in your life.

Limited appointments are available starting Dec 1st, 2017- Jan 31st, 2018
$200 for a 1 and a half-hour private session.

This workshop is designed to help you seriously get a hold of your stress, worries and anxieties. This is designed to get your body back into a calm state of being for real healing of the mind, body, and soul.

10 weeks Saturday, Jan 13th, 3-4 pm running until Saturday, March 17th

Cost: $300

please make payment to e-transfer
(no reserved spots until full payment or partial payment)

15 spots available

In the next 10 weeks you will learn:

1. The importance of breathing and meditation
2. Reducing Stress
3. Breathing techniques that bring calm and balance – Gentle movement 
4. The nervous system
5. What kind of stress are you?
6. Attuning to the vibration of calm
7. Remove the toxic situation that brings up stress
8. A meditation practice designed specifically for your type of stress.
9. Healing the body
10. Balance and Fluidity with life and the universe

Each class will start with the YOGA OF ABUNDANCE a spiritual YOGA that helps you connect MIND, BODY and SOUL to the natural flow of the universe, opening the channels to allow manifesting more into your experience.


  • Meditation to heal the reproductive system
  • Going with the flow of life and learning to surrender
  • Balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, learning the flow of BALANCE
  • Moon cycles and their powerful intentions and manifesting powers
    ( how to optimize the cycles to help your energy and health)
  • Spiritual causes of reproductive blocks and the emotions tied to it
  • Fertility, as a physical or metaphysical celebration
  • Opening of the heart to release old grievances


89 Alberta Ave., Toronto

limited spots.

We struggle every day with addictions, some can admit it and others have yet to face the real truth.  These cravings, wants and needs come from somewhere deep within all of us. It nearly destroyed me but with my spiritual gift, I had the ability to face them and never look back.  I have been asked by many of my clients to show them the tools and how to work with their own personal power to heal these addictions. With this 8 week program, I will teach you how to face your avoidance and co-dependencies that created the addiction to begin with. This is a commitment to getting addicted to Self!

Workshop detail:

  • 8-week workshop starting on June 4 and held every Sunday at 5:30 pm.
  • Location: TBD
  • Cost: $310 (deposit of $40 required to reserve a spot)


We will discuss the effects of our addictions and how they relate to emotional traumas and learnt behaviour patterns in our environment.

  • How we abuse smoking to avoid confrontations and try and fit in.
  • Drinking to help numb our pain and lose control.
  • Using drugs to escape reality and responsibility.
  • Having no boundaries with sex because we have been neglected and abandoned and craving attention.
  • The temporary relief shopping can bring because we are wanting to belong and rejecting our self-image in return.
  • Why do we pretend everything is okay? Our addiction to avoidance of shadow emotions.
  • Being addicted to another person and facing our co-dependency issues and learning to love ourselves and get our personal power back.
  • Not feeling needy, seeking attention and managing the energy vampires around us.
  • Emotional eating because we do not know how to face our emotions so we repress and regret them.
  • Remembering we are not all perfect and understand where the need for control came from.
  • Our fight and inner struggle with our journey of recovery because we self sabotage every good thing around us.

We will work together on tools to manage your addiction along with healing, emotional releases, facing our shadows and movement towards a better sense of self and relief.

Disclaimer: This is not a 12 step program its an addition to your journey of self-love.

Diving Deep Into The Shadows – Healing Our Trauma

STARTS JAN 22nd at 7 pm runs until MARCH 12th 2017 8 week workshop (SUNDAYS)

This workshop was developed to Heal the Shadows of your subconscious fears and our imprints of trauma that keep creating our vicious cycles and patterns. This workshop is an 8-week intense healing workshop.


  • Learning a sense of self
  • Learning to not put your life on hold
  • Manifesting and what emotional traumas block you from creating your manifestation
  • Diving Deep into the Emotional Body
  • Understanding Emotional Triggers and Sensations to heal Trauma
  • Healing Trauma and opening the memories that may be blocked
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Nurturing the Inner Child


Location: St. Clair West and Oakwood 89 Alberta Ave ( Side Entrance)

Open House

1pm – 4pm

Intuitive Readings
15 min. $35

Tarot Card Reading
15min. $25

Free Meditation & Talk with Christina Prokos

Come meet & mingle with like-minded souls. Enjoy tea & treats, receive an intuitive reading or tarot card reading and be inspired to grow and begin the healing process!

Crystal Care Kits available for sale!

This workshop is to help you understand your deep subconscious fears and how they show up in the dream state to heal, give you messages and guide you. You will get a deeper understanding of how the dream state is, the 5th and 6th dimensions and the Astral World of Dreaming. You will learn how to communicate clearly with your Guides and Angels and help uncover the deeper meanings of your soul’s purpose.

  1. The Dream World and The Dimensions
  2. Astral Projection and the Astral Plane
  3. Dream Meanings
  4. Spirit Animals, Guides and Loved Ones who Crossed over how they are communicating messages
  5. How to remember your dreams
  6. Clairvoyant Messages through Dreams


3-hour workshop
Hand out will be provided
18 spot available

This is a two-hour workshop on healing the Chakras and understanding the emotional imprints in the Chakra system. We will be learning how to dive deep into the Chakras and understand how they work and how if not balanced can project our fears into our reality.

You will also be learning how to work with a Pendulum to balance your Chakras and deepen your trust on your Spiritual Journey.

  1. Working through understanding the 7 major energy systems
  2. The Auric Field, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Physical Body and Spiritual Body
  3. Emotional Imprints and How These Vibrations communicate with Laws of Attraction
  4. Pendulum Healing
  5. Development of Meditation Clearing the Chakras


Two Hour Workshop
18 spots available
You will be giving a Hand out with Information to take home and you can purchase your own Pendulum on Location

This workshop is for individuals who feel intuitive or highly empathic and sensitive who want a deeper understanding of their spiritual gifts. In this course, you will learn to heighten your intuition and learn how to use mediumship as a healing tool.

You will also be given access to a private Facebook group, Awakening Truth/ Life and Spiritual for added support and encouragement to help you on your journey.


  • Fundamentals of psychic development
  • Psychic development through symbols
  • Psychic development using symbols through chakras
  • Psychic symbols in the aura
  • Clearing, grounding and healing
  • Fundamentals of intuitive readings
  • Mediumship
  • connecting with deceased loved ones
  • healing through mediumship


7 weeks


Saturdays 6:30 pm- 7:30 pm

November 5, 2016 -December 17, 2016

*Please note the last class will be 2hrs.

Christina Prokos & Helen Gharibo

Spirituality 101 is an 8-week workshop for individuals who are seeking to begin a spiritual journey or who have experienced anxiety, stress or trauma are seeking to begin the healing process in a safe and welcoming environment with like-minded souls. In this workshop, you will learn tools to start the meditative process, learn about the energy body and chakra system and how to connect to your Angels and Guides.

You will also be given access to a private Facebook group, Awakening Truth/ Life and Spiritual for added support and encouragement to help you on your journey.

Sundays 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

September 11, 2016 – October 30, 2016

8 weeks



  • Fundamentals of mindfulness and meditation
  • The process of journaling
  • Sound therapy and fundamentals of the chakras
  • How to connect with Angels and Archangels
  • Understanding the laws of the universe, energy and vibration
  • Positive focus and staying in your joy
  • Life themes
  • Intro to Inner-child work

Diving Deep Into The Shadows – Healing Our Trauma

STARTS JAN 22nd at 7 pm runs until MARCH 12th 2017 8 week workshop (SUND

This workshop is designed to teach you how to connect with crystals and their healing properties. You will be working extensively with a crystal care kit and will be working through issues associated with what that crystal offers you.This course is designed to help you create bonds with crystals and get all the benefits a crystal can offer.

You will also be given access to a private Facebook group, Awakening Truth/ Life and Spiritual for added support and encouragement to help you on your journey.


  • Understanding energy, vibration and resonance
  • Working with elements
  • Understanding themes (why you’re drawn to connecting with specific crystals )
  • Introduction to different types of crystals
  • Meditating with crystals
  • How to connect with the divine, angels, guides and ascended masters using crystals
  • How crystals can heal
  • A brief introduction to Reiki and Crystal Therapy.


Saturdays 6:30 pm  – 7:30 pm

September 10, 2016 – October 29, 2016


$300 (includes crystal care kit)

Christina Prokos & Bessie Amaral

This workshop is designed to teach you how to connect with specific tools to help manifest a soulmate/twin flame relationship. Helping heal any emotional blocks, triggers and patterns that would be blocking you from your potential mate.

This is a 10-week 1hour workshop.

Starting Sunday, May 29, 2016.

Cost: $280

This includes the following:

  • Understanding the difference between a soulmate and twin flame
  • Creating a sacred space to manifest your soulmate
  • Understanding and embracing the divine feminine and divine masculine
  • Recognizing patterns, beliefs that may be blocking desired relationships and manifesting
  • How to recognize when you are in a toxic relationship with yourself and with your partner
  • and learning when to walk away
  • Journey to self-love
  • How to communicate your needs and wants in a soulmate relationship
  • How to heal a current relationship
  • Emotionally decluttering to create space and welcome your partner in
  • Meditation tools to recognize the imprint and feel the energy of your soulmate/twin flame
  • Dreams, subconscious fears vs twin flame union
  • The art of Surrendering

Christina Prokos Life and Spiritual Coach and Lisa Manzo Registered Holistic Wellness Coach will be running a fitness meditation class this June! Similar to our fitness class we did over last summer!

It’s 8 weeks and costs $155.

It will be run at the studio PurEnergy Wellness Lofts on our rooftop!! Great way to get your fit on.

Christina will be guiding you through meditation and teaching to visualize healing the areas of your body that you reject and the emotions tied with that! Lisa will be training our bodies and be talking about Holistic foods that help trim down the body in a natural healthy way!

We will begin this beautiful night of healing with a restorative yoga practice, helping to bring balance and strength to the parasympathetic nervous system through deep relaxation of the mind and body in supported postures.
Clear quartz and rose quartz crystals will be incorporated into the space and practice to help connect us to the earth’s natural healing energy, focusing on clarity of mind by opening a connection to higher wisdom through the crown chakra and self-love and care by activating and connecting to the heart chakra.

Everyone will then receive the beautiful angelic healing of Belvaspata. Belvaspata is a high-frequency healing from the angelic realm for the mind, body and soul. It works to elevate consciousness and connect you to your higher self. This ancient healing practice brings blessings, miracles and healing to the heart.

The intention of this event is to help cultivate healing in the physical, energetic, mental and emotional bodies.

Location: PurEnergy Wellness Lofts
Date: December 13, 2015
Time: 7:00
End: 8:30
Price: $120
Hosted by:
Christina Prokos (Belvaspata Practitioner) & Bessie Amaral (Restorative Yoga Instructor)

Limited spots available

On the last Sunday of every month, all are welcome to come and experience the gift of giving and receiving healing, love and care for self and others, for community and the world.

The intention of this class is to experience a variety of healing modalities and activities as a group and community helping to expand our understanding and connection to giving and receiving. A discussion period will be open to anyone interested at the end of every class for sharing experiences and asking any questions that may arise.

At the beginning of every month, an intention and healing practice will be posted for the upcoming last Sunday of that month.

Some of the healing modalities and activities we will offer are Belvaspata Angelic Healing, Meditation, Intention setting & Mantras for Distance Healing, Angel Walks and Mirror Circles.

For our first offering on Sunday, November 29th, we will be practicing a chakra balancing meditation and receiving a Belvaspata Angel healing.

2hour class

$30 per person


September 13 (New Moon) 7pm – 9pm
September 27 (Full Moon) 7pm – 9pm

Intention Setting & Manifesting in Vata Season
Hosted by Certified Life and Spiritual Coach Christina Prokos and
Certified Restorative Yoga Practitioner Bessie Amaral


Fall is the season of transformation. It is a time when we are open to receive new knowledge and ideas. It is also the windy season (in Aryuveda also known as Vata season) when our minds can become ungrounded and overwhelmed. In this workshop we will be using different tools to enhance our ability to set clear intentions and manifest our desires during the new moon and full moon cycles.


-Discussion on grounding practices
-How restorative yoga works to help ground and improve immunity
-Using mantras to help create mental focus
-How to create intention
-How to manifest
-Meditation using crystals for intention and manifestation

This event has limited spots available.

Cost – $65

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